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I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, a stone's throw from Detroit, Michigan. I studied History at the University of Windsor and McGill University in Montreal. In September 2016, I moved to London, Canada to study at Western University. From May to December 2017 I worked at the University of Waterloo. I am currently a Librarian at the New College of Florida. Though I divide my time between Windsor and Sarasota, I feel most at home in Essex County.

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On Research Metrics and Acknowledgement Texts

‡A note about this post: it starts off slow, but it picks up towards the end. The first Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) between the government of Ontario and its universities...

6 minute read

On DH and Digital Archives

This post was originally published as a MediaCommons Field Guide. You can read the original, along with other responses on the question of the future of the archive, here.  ...

3 minute read

Mother Tongues

When I was about 8 or 9 I renounced Romanian and began to think and dream exclusively in English. To renounce my mother tongue was an active decision. I remember the day...

3 minute read

A Reflection on 'Doing' History

This is a draft of a paper that I submitted during my coursework at McGill. The prompt was something like, “What is the purpose of history?” I recently rediscovered it whilst...

9 minute read

The New Trump Library

About three weeks ago, back when the world made sense and talk of Donald Trump in the Oval Office was almost exclusively preceded by a “wouldn’t it be hilarious if,” Robert...

3 minute read

On the History of Informants

Areviewer recently suggested that I include more content about the Dublin Castle and Cleveland Street scandals in an article that I’ve been working on. Seeing as it’s been about 7 months since...

3 minute read

Long Distance Grieving

After the body of his three-year old son was discovered on a Turkish beach (what is now an iconic image), Abdullah Kurdi’s fears were realized; his entire family, including his...

3 minute read