The job market for positions in academic librarianship has never been particularly great, but COVID19 promises to shake up hiring across higher-ed.

This page tracks the number of academic library positions posted on ALA Job Board and the Canadian Partnership job site. While these two sites do not represent a complete list of available positions, they're arguably the most popular job websites for Canadian and American academic library roles. Historical job data is difficult to find, so comparing M or YTD is challenging, but using the data collected by the folks at LIS Precarity I compare the number of jobs available today to that of last year. This graphic uses current openings as a baseline. It updates once a day to reflect the current state of the market.

In addition, screenshots of open positions are made available below and a request is made to the Wayback Machine to create snapshots so that we have a record of job openings in the future.

Academic Library Jobs

Source: Partnership Job Board | ALA Job Board | Special thanks to LIS Precarity for sharing their historical data.

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Job Type

Of the available jobs in Canada right now, here's a breakdown by type of job.

Source: Partnership Job Board

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes 👨‍🎤

On this day last year, there were about additional job openings in Canada.

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